Cypher System Reference Document #

Version: 2023-04-18 #

I am sure there are formattng issues and mistakes in the files. If you notice anything, please use the link below to report it. There is a lot of text and easy to miss things.
The site will follow the light/dark mode settings of your browser, there is currently no toggle for now, but one might be added in the future.

These rules of the Cypher System, taken from the Cypher System Reference Document (CSRD). The CSRD is provided by Monte Cook Games, as a free and legal way to access the rules and build upon them.

Use the navigation menu on the left to choose the section you’d like to read. They are ordered by the way they are ordered in the SRD, which follows the order of the full rulebook.

If end up loving the system, and want more content, or the full rulebook, I greatly encourage you to visit the Monte Cook Games store, and support the system.

News #


I am aware of the new CSRD version, but I’m currently in the midst of a move to Europe in addition to parenting an toddler and an infant. might take me a few days to a couple of weeks to update the site with changes.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I bit late on this update, but was on a long vacation when the update was released and I didn’t have the ability to do the update. And it was a doozy, so much new content for Superheroes, Fairytales, and Horror. Feel free to visit the github page if you want to see all the changes/diffs.
Finished the first pass of formatting all the chapters/pages. I will update any formatting as I notice anything or issues are reported.
Initial launch of website. Contains the current latest reference document. It doesn’t have everything formatted. I do this in my spare time, so it will take me a little while to get this all formatted.

Support #

If you would like to offer support, I encourage you to first try offering support through contributing to this endeavor. Be it frontend work (I am a DevOps/Backend dev), formatting, styling, etc. Even if we need to migrate to something other than Hugo (mkdocs, gatsby, whatever), open source contributions would be preferred.

Or if you want to proofread, find typos, mistakes, formatting problems. Just open an issue on Github.

Otherwise, I encourage you to just spread the word on the system, support Monte Cook Games from their store linked above or DriveThruRPG. Share the system.

If you genuinely wish to buy me a coffee or beer after all that, feel free to use the option below.